– Now Offering Jewelry Appraisals –

We now offer jewelry appraisals by appointment!

Please contact us by call or text at (510) 758-7000 to schedule your appraisal.

– We Have a Mobile App!  –

You can now view your loans and layaways, and make payments on them from the comfort of your home!

Give us a call at (510) 758-7000 to get it set up!

High-End Luxury Items

Now authenticating high end luxury items bring your in today, and learn about how to tell if something is Real or Faux!

You can now Text us at our phone number!

 (510) 758-7000

You can even send pictures! Text us directly now!
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Our team here at Lucy’s Coin & Jewelry Pawn is dedicated to taking care of you with high-quality customer service. We treat you as a person, not as a commodity. We are proud to be able to buy, sell, or offer pawn loans on  jewelry, coins, electronics, tools, designer handbags, and other items. No matter what goods you have, our team will give you the attention and care you deserve. To learn more visit our FAQ or you can call or text us at (510) 758-7000.

We are able to help you through when you need to:

If you are in need of a quick loan, you can trust our pawn shop. For decades, we have worked hard to provide members of our community with the short-term loans they needed. When you pawn an item for a loan, it’s our goal to make sure you are receiving the best value for that item.


If you live in the area and have something you want to sell or pawn, stop by when we are open. We can offer you a free, no hassle evaluation of your item and give you a fair price if you wish to sell it outright. If you are unwilling to part with your item permanently but need money to help cover expenses for a time, we can offer you a convenient pawn loan. You usually get less than if you were to sell it, but the item is stored on our premises and when you pay off the loan you receive your item back from us. See our pawn page for more information.

Whether selling or pawning, it is entirely your decision to accept what we offer. When you do, the process of receiving your cash usually takes just a few minutes. Our experienced staff is more than willing to help you. Just call or text us today at (510) 758-7000