With decades of experience in the industry, Antioch Coin & Jewelry Pawn has always put our customers first. At Lucy’s Coin & Jewelry Pawn, we strive to offer our customers a variety of services that we know they need. Not only that, but we work to ensure that our staff is courteous, fair, and professional.

When you visit us, you can:

  • Sell to usWe accept a wide variety of items. It’s our goal to make selling to us as easy as possible for you. We do this by offering you a complimentary evaluation of your goods and the transaction normally only takes a few minutes.
  • Buy from usThere is no need to pay full price for something when you can get it gently used from us. We sell the same kinds of items that we are willing to buy. Visit our store to see what we have to offer.
  • Get a loanPerhaps you are not quite ready to part with an item, or maybe it has sentimental value. However, you find yourself in need of funds. We can offer you a loan that requires no credit using your item as collateral.

We never want to be unfair to our customers. When you bring your item into us, whether you a buying or pawning, we will offer you a free estimate. There is no pressure to accept our offer, and you can always feel free to leave and come back another day to accept. Our number one priority is to offer you the best value for your item.

When you pawn an item with us, we loan you the cash value we offered for four months. If you need more time, you can pay the interest on those four months and renew your loan for another four months. If you choose to sell your item instead of pawning it, you can actually receive a little more than pawning. However, we understand that there are just some items you do not want to part with, and we never pressure our customers. Call or text us now at (510) 758-7000 for more information.