Getting the loan you need with bad credit or no credit can be next to impossible. At Lucy’s Coin & Jewelry Pawn, we offer pawn loans with no credit required. Your items will work as the collateral, and we will offer you a fair loan based on their value. It takes usually just a few minutes from start to finish to evaluate your items and write up the loan, and you’ll walk out with cash in your hand and a smile on your face!

Get the money that you need today.

You should pawn with our El Sobrante pawn shop because:

  • Decades in the industry
  • Courteous and respectful service
  • Rolex and Diamond Experts
  • No lost ticket fee charged
  • Se habla Español
  • We accept jewelry, coins, diamonds, watches, electronics,tools, and designer goods

How Does a Pawn Work?

We examine your items to determine their value and then give you a loan based on that value. The item is stored in our storage area or vault. You have four months to redeem the loan and receive your item back from us. If you need more time you may pay just the interest charges and receive an additional four months. If you don’t come back within the time period to redeem the loan or pay the interest to gain more time then the item becomes ours and we resell it to recoup the money we loaned you. The process is simple, easy, and usually takes just a few minutes to complete.

Our experienced staff is ready and available to evaluate your item and offer you a fair loan amount. Visit our FAQ or call or text us today at (510) 758-7000 to learn more.